Discussion Board

While the conference presentations will be open to the public (upon registration via multimodality@web.de), discussions will be reserved for the invited speakers.

However, we will provide a virtual whiteboard available during the whole course of the conference and open to all registered members of the audience. This will be the place to ask questions and comment upon all matters multimodal but in particular on the papers given. The speakers will be able to comment/answer to your question when time allows.

You will receive the link to this shared conference whiteboard together with your access link to the Zoom session.

You can join the virtual whiteboard as a visitor without indicating your name or institution. But we encourage you to include at least your name when you address a question to a specific speaker/paper (e.g. in brackets behind your question).

We encourage lively discussions, please feel free to share questions and ideas which come up while listening to the contributions. Always remember to stay friendly and polite following the usual social media etiquette rules (“netiquette“). Keep it an open space for constructive academic exchange. We are looking forward to your contributions!!!

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If you want to tweet about the conference, please use the hastag #multimodalAntiquity