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Tuesday, 23 March 2021

15:00 Patrizia Heindl/Elisa Roßberger: Welcome
15:10 John Baines: Is all art multimodal? (With examples from ancient Egypt)
15:30 Ilona Schulze: Text-Bild-Kommunikate zwischen Aggregation und Integration: Eine Annäherung an die Bildlinguistik
15:30 Silvia Kutscher: Multimodale Analyse altägyptischer Artefakte: Entwurf einer Methode
15:50 Patrizia Heindl/all: Discussion

16:50 Beate Pongratz-Leisten: The spatio-social syntax of the object and multimodal literacy in the Assyrian City
17:10 Valérie Angenot: Eye-tracking Egypt. A semio-cognitive approach to reading Egyptian art
17:30 Julia Budka/all: Discussion

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

15:00 Janina Wildfeuer: Multimodality’s terminological jungle – and a way through
15:20 Patrizia Heindl: The multimodality of Egyptian statues: Vivid memory?
15:40 Andreas Effland: Aspects of multimodal approaches to interpretation in private Egyptian enigmatic script
16:00 John Baines/all: Discussion

16:50 Martin Siefkes: Cultural semiotics and meaning attribution to artefacts
17:10 Lorenzo Verderame: Texts on statues and statues in texts: Evidence of multimodality in third millennium Mesopotamian statues
17:30 Christoffer Theis: Der multimodale Bes. Kommunikationsstrategien eines persönlichen Schutzgottes
17:50 Elisa Roßberger/all: Discussion

Thursday, 25 March 2021

15:00 Aleksandra Lapčić: Ambimodalität als Kohäsionsmittel in ägyptischen Text-Bild-Kompositionen
15:20 Marina Sartori: Ancient Egyptian tomb paintings as semasiographies
15:40 Nathan Morello: Multimodality of inscriptions in Assyrian monuments
16:00 Martina Ullmann/all: Discussion

16:50 Dominik Bonatz: Multimodal monsters in Assyria
17:10 Elisa Roßberger: The In-betweens. Tracking multimodality in human-divine encounters on Old Babylonian cylinder seals
17:30 Kate Justement: Power through image in Neo-Assyrian officials’ cylinder seals
17:50 Adelheid Otto/all: Discussion

Friday, 26 March 2021

15:00 Gebhard Selz: Multimodalities and signification in an ancient Near Eastern perspective. Incongruent corpora or non-discrete texts?
15:20 Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati: Places of visual performance. A reflection upon image, things and space in the study of religion
15:40 Friedhelm Hartenstein/all: Discussion

16:30 Nikolaus Dietrich: Griechische Bronzespiegel als multimodale Artefakte
16:50 Anna-Katharina Höpflinger: Luxury in modesty. A multimodal perspective on the early Neoclassical Berlin Iron jewellery
17:10 Frank Kammerzell: Egyptian art and intersemiotic strategies for creating meaning in Picasso’s œuvre
17:30 Ruth Bielfeldt/all: Discussion
18:00 Patrizia Heindl/Elisa Roßberger: Farewell